Quarterly Software Review | Q4

The Relode Development, Delivery, and Recruiter Engagement teams have been hard at work throughout the fourth quarter. Over the past several months, several major updates and improvements have been released into the Relode Recruiter platform and candidate experience. These improvements have been centered around creating simplified, streamlined, and transparent workflows for Relode Recruiters and candidates. Let's take a look!

Job grades

Recruiters can now work more confidently on each and every job in the Relode platform with the new job grades feature. Each position will be given a grade between A-D depending on market factors like talent availability in a given location, average market salary compared to the role, candidate demand, client responsiveness, etc.

Relode Job Grades

Here's a full job grade breakdown:

  • A = Strong hiring conditions
  • B = Adequate hiring conditions
  • C = Challenging hiring conditions
  • D = Difficult hiring conditions

Recruiters can now easily filter all jobs by their grade to find the positions that best align with their skillset and candidate network, creating a more transparent experience.

Candidate interview reminders

Recruiters now have more tools to make sure candidates never miss an interview again with the new platform reminder function.

Each time a candidate is confirmed for an interview, recruiters can now email them key details including the date/time, type of interview (zoom, in-person, phone, etc), summary of the hiring company, job details, and more. Candidate profiles now have an envelope icon located next to their set interview time that will allow recruiters to quickly send a reminder anytime.

Candidate Interview Reminder Feature

Job status upgrade

Recruiters asked and we listened! Each time a job opening Pauses or Closes, each users who has favorited that role or referred a candidate to the position will receive a detailed status update to provide great transparency. These updates will be shown on every job in Relode and sent in an email to each Recruiter working on the role to ensure you never miss an update.

A few of the new status updates you will see are...

  • Gathering feedback on presented candidates
  • Enough candidates in process/review
  • Hiring company reorginization
  • Job paused while client interviews candidates
  • Job closed without a candidate hired
  • Candidate hired with Relode

Job Status ImprovementsWe're excited to release these improvements and new features to the Relode Recruiter platform to provide a more streamlined and simplified experience for both recruiters and candidates!

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