Quarterly Software Release | Q1

Let's take a look at our newest Relode customer software updates!

Job insights

The new Job Insights section will provide Relode customers with a conslidated candidate hiring funnel, recruiter cloud enegagement statistics, your company hiring metrics, and labor market data all in one place.

Here's a more in-depth look at the new candidate funnel view...

Relode Job Insights Allow More Candidate Funnel Transparency

Candidate funnel

The number listed next to the insights tile will represent the total number of candidates in process for a particular job. From there you can easily see each individual stage of your hiring funnel to know how close you are to actually making a new hire.

Recruiter cloud engagment

The new Recruiter Cloud engagement area will give you insights into just how many recruiters have viewed and favorited each of your companies roles. Providing the recruiting transparency your hiring team has been looking for, whenever you need it.

Job stats

Relode customer job stats give you greater hiring process visibility

Hiring teams can now better track their organization's job statistics for any role. You can review details like the interview-to-hire rate, time to first submission, and more to help identify any potential areas for processes to be improved.

And the last exciting feature improvement added to the Relode customer experience...

Labor market research

Delivering access to key information about the competitive candidate market including average salaries, supply and demand in any given location, and diversity demographics.

Job insights give clients access to labor market research

Find valuable details to help evaluate your budget and develop more successful hiring strategies that align with industry trends and set your organization up for success.

You can also access in-depth talent diversity and demographics data to create more targeted talent searches and evaluate how to fill jobs while achieving your DEIB hiring initiatives across any position.

Relode Labor Market Insights Provide Access to Diversity Hiring Data

Order details: grade based pricing

The last update is to the Relode pricing model which is designed to provide customers with more transparency and incentives.

Job Grades will give your organization full transparency into your costs and allow you to understand exactly how factors like candidate supply and offering competitive salaries impact the prices you will pay for a position to be filled.

Relode provides grade based pricing for better cost transparency

This improved pricing will be available for both full time and contract positions! For contract roles, your companies negotiated markup rate is added to the chosen job pay rate to then automatically create bills based on how many hours a candidate works. Giving you contractor visbility like never before.

We're excited about the launch of these customer features to the Relode platform to help our clients meet their hiring goals and continue making hiring better for everyone.

Most TA leaders are dealing with staffing shortages and overwhelming req counts their teams are struggling to keep up with. If these are issues you're facing Relode has several effective solutions to solve those problems for you and hiring teams.

If you're interested in learning more about how Relode can improve your recruiting outcomes and equip your team for hiring success, reach out here.