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Sourcing Contract Healthcare Workers: A Case Study

One of our customers divisions manages 40+ on-site healthcare centers for their clients across the US.

But their small talent acquisition (TA) team found it increasingly burdensome, time-consuming, and expensive to source permanent employees and, more pressingly, contract healthcare workers to step in when clinics were understaffed.

This case study explores how Relode helps organizations overcome healthcare staffing shortages efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively.

The issue: sourcing contract healthcare workers fast

This company must staff each health center accordingly, or they risk breaching their contracts and losing clients. They struggled to source:

  • Top talent in small cities. Their teams struggled with a very long candidate search process, stale applicant pools, and a lack of reach. They needed a partner with access to untapped candidate pipelines to staff healthcare workers across the US quickly.
  • Immediate hires for high-turnover roles. Nurse staffing shortages and increasing vacancies became a high-risk burden. They required a partner to passively source candidates who met their strict hiring requirements and could immediately fill low-retention roles as needed.
  • Last-minute coverage. Their facilities needed replacements on-site for employee call-outs, sick leave, vacations, bereavement, etc. But they gradually found fewer on-call healthcare professionals to pick up shifts.

This customer worked with 10 to 15 agencies to meet these staffing needs before partnering with Relode for a better solution to hiring on demand.

The solution: relode’s innovative approach to contract hiring on demand

Relode is a talent acquisition platform built to deliver high-quality, vetted candidates at scale. Our platform combines the power of AI with the work ethic of a boutique staffing firm.

Our nationwide network of 4,000+ critically-vetted recruiters offers unparalleled industry experience and a direct line to diverse candidate pipelines and untapped talent pools.

When human connection meets technology, companies like this customer are empowered to:

Efficiently leverage contingent healthcare workers

Healthcare organizations are realizing the benefits of using contingent workers to improve labor shortages and increase retention.

For organizations like our client, contract staffing makes it easy to uphold contract agreements and keep their customers happy without wasting time or money.

By performing all the sourcing, background checks, hiring, onboarding, and payment of contract healthcare professionals, Relode places qualified workers who meet your team’s reqs when you need them most.

Here’s a snapshot of our sourcing and hiring success with this client:

  • 74% of Relode-submitted candidates were interviewed.
  • 64% of interviewed Relode candidates were hired.
  • Our contract hires were onboarded within eight days of those jobs going live on the Relode platform (on average).
  • Relode candidates started their first shifts just 4.4 days after they were hired (on average).

Several of our contingent hires impressed their team so much that they were offered full-time employment once their contracts expired.

Optimize recruiting with relode’s subscription-based model

The benefits of Relode’s subscription-based model for healthcare staffing include:

  • Predictable, cost-effective hiring. Transparent pricing and contractor mark ups allow teams to forecast, budget, and plan for permanent and contract hiring needs throughout the month and year to gauge success and improve ROI.
  • Scalability. Quickly and easily scale your talent sourcing up or down as your business grows, or your hiring needs change.
  • Ongoing support. Your Relode expert Job Manager ensures each req is competitively positioned for our network of professional recruiters to find quality candidates and overcome barriers to hiring them.

This customer describes Relode as a “true partner” and “expert” at sourcing healthcare professionals on demand. They believe our service is a “tremendous value for a competitive investment” and will continue to work with us into the future.

Future-proof your healthcare recruiting with relode

Organizations must rethinking how they source healthcare talent in today's changing market. With fewer candidates to choose from, the traditional approach of relying solely on small internal TA teams or expensive staffing agencies will cause your business to lose talent, time, and money.

relode: 2023 TIARA Best New Talent Solutions Provider Award winner

Relode received the TalentNet Best New Talent Solutions Provider Award thanks to our proprietary AI technology, diverse network of recruiters, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Whether you’re looking for permanent employees or highly-qualified contractors, Relode simplifies and speeds up your sourcing and hiring process.

To learn how Relode can make hiring better for your team: