Finding Success as an Independent Recruiter

Relode is on a mission to make hiring better for everyone; employers, recruiters, and candidates alike. But, this mission is only achievable because of our diverse network of independent recruiters who work hard to source top candidates for our clients.

One of those tenured recruiters is Oso Eme. He’s been successfully sourcing and placing candidates on the Relode platform for years.

In today’s blog, we will be sharing more about Oso’s recruiter journey, including the challenges and successes he’s experienced prior to Relode and what has helped him achieve financial and personal freedom in becoming a Relode Recruiter.

Meet Oso:

After wearing a lot of hats working in HR roles, getting adjusted to a new industry, he finally landed in recruitment, Oso says “it was a match made in heaven.”

Oso Eme headshot

He tried a few companies as he honed his sourcing skills and strategies as an in-house recruiter. No matter where he worked, Oso consistently hit the highest recruiting metrics on the team.

"I love recruitment because the proof is in the numbers. Recruitment is sales; you’re selling jobs and opportunities."

Unfortunately, these early successes weren’t quite enough to keep him happy.

Oso never felt like he meshed with his employers’ company cultures. As someone who, “really enjoys going to work and getting work done,” playing office politics just wasn’t for him.

The silver lining in being let go

Even though he was a top performer, Oso’s misalignment with his former employers eventually led to back-to-back job changes. “Getting terminated does something to your psyche; it makes you doubt your own abilities.” Oso wasn’t sure if he should continue in recruitment, even though he knew it was his passion.

So he took a different perspective:

“Maybe I needed to stop trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I had to admit that maybe I wasn’t the right fit to be an in-house recruiter.”

Oso saw his terminations as a “sign from the universe” to put his skills to the test and branch out on his own. He started recruiting independently for one company and quickly excelled in his position. He was soon promoted to Senior Recruiter and even became a trainer.

Mentoring other recruiters gave Oso the confidence he needed to prove to himself and his previous employers that he was always good at recruiting and had what it takes to succeed.

Despite this newfound self-confidence, the money he earned at the time “wasn’t that great.” So in his search for something new, he found Relode.

Oso’s journey as an independent recruiter: Finding success on his own terms

Relode is a technology platform built to help transform the recruiting process. We combine the power of technology with the work ethic of a boutique staffing firm.

Our independent recruiters, like Oso, tap into their diverse talent pipelines to deliver candidates businesses may never have access to otherwise. Our recruiters earn rewards not only when a candidate is hired, but throughout the entire consideration and interview process as well.

Recruiters access their diverse network of candidates

Oso was inspired by Relode’s unique approach to recruitment, he thought the ability to gain personal and financial freedom was “ahead of the curve and really new and exciting.”

Starting out slow and sticking with it

There weren’t many job reqs available during Oso’s first year, as the Relode platform was focused on growth and expansion into new job verticals. However, Oso saw the potential of recruiting with Relode, and the direction we were aimed toward excited him.

Soon, the job openings on Relode started growing in volume and variety. The clients he worked with were also increasing involved and proactive about candidate feedback, creating a better experience for him and his candidates.

These improvements motivated Oso to focus solely on recruiting for Relode in 2022.

Oso shared that he felt so proud when he made $30,000 one year, as an independent recruiter. “I’m really glad I stuck with it because the opportunity was there.” At the time of his interview, he was on track to make $50,000 in 2022 — the same amount he was earning in his previous corporate recruiter role.

“That means everything to me because it validates what I always knew. I was good at this job" and could have a bright future in recruiting “on my own terms."

Why Oso recruits with relode

Oso says his outlook on Relode has always been positive. But he especially appreciates:

1. Implementing recruiter feedback

Constructive feedback opens the door for growth and improvement. Oso says anytime he or other recruiters offer beneficial input to the Relode team, “it’s always well-received” and implemented more often than not.

“Relode is really in tune with the recruiters using the platform. I could tell Relode is a progressive, innovative company from the start because everyone is committed to continually improving.”

Relode platform is fully accessible anytime from anywhereMaking hiring better means creating more opportunities for Relode Recruiters to fill jobs (and earn more!). Ultimately, these improvements help match more qualified candidates with their dream roles, and provide our clients with needed talent to build their team.

Relode has recently established a Recruiter Advisory Board with recruiters from different backgrounds, experience levels, and tenure. Their thoughts and feedback will help guide new Relode products and plans to ensure they’re best for recruiters, candidates, and clients as we continue to grow.

2. Feedback between recruiters and clients

One of the priorities for Relode in 2022 was educating our clients about how vital the feedback loop is between hiring teams, recruiters, and candidates.

Top talent typically drops off the longer a company’s hiring process drags on, especially during a candidate driven market where competition is high. But when recruiters know exactly what makes a company a great fit, and that organization is committed to efficient hiring, they’re able to find the best match candidates keep them engaged longer.

If those candidates aren’t right for the role, our top clients share exactly why that is to improve submissions moving forward.

Relode Recruiter Platform

Eliminating feedback loops make the experience better for everyone. And recruiters have full access to essential updates and client info right from the Relode platform to keep the process organized and efficient.

3. Relode company culture

Oso noticed a difference with Relode from day one. “Everyone I’ve connected with through Relode has been a really good person, someone I could feel comfortable with and be myself around.”

He described that anytime he has reached out to ask questions or offer suggestions, someone is always happy to listen and help. “That’s a kudos to Relode’s leadership,” he says, “and the way every employee embraces the company culture.”

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are core values at Relode. We care about transparency, openness, dignity and respect for our colleagues, recruiters, and our industry as a whole. We believe it takes individuals from all walks of life to solve today’s hiring challenges and provide equal opportunities to candidates.

Relode company values

Oso says, “I love everything Relode has going on and love being a part of it. I always feel accepted, heard, rewarded, and like I’m part of the team.” He believes having the opportunity to be his true self in his work carries over to his success with candidate placements.

Oso’s tips to succeed as a relode recruiter

Oso describes himself as a successful entrepreneur, and now, he’s using his experience and passion to help others find value and thrive in their dream job.

If you want to attract top candidates and reach your recruiting goals, Oso says:

- Always be authentic

“It sounds silly, but just be authentic. Candidates can feel it and tell when you’re not.”

Oso says he’s transparent with candidates about opportunities and discusses potential downsides upfront. “There’s no pressure from me for them to take the job; I want it to be the right fit on both sides.”

Knowing the steep price of not fitting in at work, Oso was so used to code-switching at his previous jobs that he became great at it, despite the toll it was taking on his mental health.

“I strive for authenticity outside of work, but being able to be myself at work and be comfortable in my skin is incredible on both personal and professional levels.”

He wants the same value alignment and culture fit for his candidates. He hopes to inspire others to pursue what they love on their own terms.

- A Sense of urgency & better time management

When a job posts on Relode Oso shares it with his network immediately. When candidates apply for roles, he calls them immediately. He also shared he expects the same speed from serious candidates. Making effective time management one of the best skills to become a better recruiter.

“My systems keep me on track,” Oso says, “especially on those days when it’s more challenging to find the best candidates for complex job reqs.”

He sets daily and weekly goals to remind himself of what he can achieve. For example, he strives to make two submissions daily and place three new contracts candidates every month.

Though he’s still learning and improving, his systems, best practices, and sourcing processes are working. Oso brought home around $2,000 a month from recruiting in 2021. Which he consistently grew, earning $4,000+ a month in 2022.

Recruit on your terms with relode

We're so thankful for Relode Recruiters like Oso. His investment of time and effort helps make hiring better for every candidate he interacts with.

If you’re ready to become a Relode Recruiter and see first-hand the impact a better experience + personal and financial freedom can provide you, apply here.

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