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Scaling Your Business: A Case Study on Overcoming Hiring Challenges

Scaling Your Business: A Case Study on Overcoming Hiring Challenges with Relode + iCIMS

The Issue: Tightening Labor Markets and Growing Healthcare Staffing Shortages

In today's modern market, companies face tightening labor markets and growing healthcare staffing shortages, making it challenging for organizations to build and maintain the workforce required to scale their business.

Array Behavioral Care, a mental health services provider, aspired to double its workforce in 2023. However, their small talent acquisition (TA) team needed help meeting these ambitious hiring goals amidst these challenges.

Tightening labor markets make it challenging for organizations to build and maintain the workforce required to scale their business.

However, according to iCIMS Insights: Monthly Workforce Reports:

  • Job applications for healthcare roles are down month-over-month.
  • Healthcare employers have less-qualified applicants in their talent pools.
  • Teams only receive an average of 14 applicants per job opening.

The solution: relode’s innovative approach to recruiting

Relode, a talent acquisition platform, was built to deliver high-quality, vetted candidates at scale. Their platform combines the power of AI with the work ethic of a boutique staffing firm. Relode's employer matching offers an unparalleled solution to ease the burden on overextended TA teams and provide access to untapped candidate pipelines.

Ease the burden on overextended TA teams

With Relode's employer matching, Array's TA team obtained a direct line to interview-ready candidates they would need help finding using the standard job boards and scraped databases alone.

The growing pool of over 4,000 Relode-vetted, specialized recruiters matched to jobs aligned with their expertise and candidate networks allowed for complete visibility into the recruiters working on Array's jobs.

Renae Zientek, the Human Resources Director at Array Behavioral Care, shifted her time and focus to creating stellar candidate experiences for the talent Relode discovered, educated, and vetted against her requirements.

Overcome sourcing & hiring hurdles

In addition to their "boots on the ground" intel, Relode's recruiters examine real-time labor market data to help teams overcome obstacles preventing them from filling jobs.

Renae says this invaluable advice helps her:

  • Set realistic hiring goals and timeframes.
  • Better allocate resources.
  • Create above-market compensation packages to attract top talent.
  • Make faster data-driven decisions.

By combining these insights with candidate feedback, the recruiters provide actionable suggestions that increase the organization's odds of finding the perfect candidates.

Start each day with relode-certified, interview-ready candidates

During a recent "hiring blitz," Renae relied on Relode's recruiters to find candidates for Administration, Finance, IT, Healthcare, Sales, and Marketing jobs.

Our hiring data reveals that:

  • 155 specialized recruiters sourced talent for Array.
  • Our recruiters submitted Relode-Certified candidates within five days of the positions going live on our platform.
  • We submitted an average of five candidates for every open position.
  • Array interviewed 54% of our submissions and made several “fantastic” new hires.

Streamlined scaling with relode + iCIMS

Relode’s new candidate matching integration is now available in the iCIMS Marketplace, making it easier for organizations to find candidates more effectively and seamlessly advance them through the application and hiring process. iCIMS talent teams like Renae's retain the continued convenience of managing their workflow in the iCIMS Talent Cloud, while Relode's recruiters handle sourcing and vetting candidates.

Our recruiters present candidate information through the iCIMS platform, so teams start each day with interview-ready submissions to review.

Ready to scale your business with relode + iCIMS?

With the tightening labor market and growing healthcare staffing shortages, businesses need to hire differently in today's modern market. Leveraging the Relode + iCIMS Connector streamlines workflows to make scaling your business even faster.

Relode connects teams with better talent through its network of expert recruiters, proprietary AI technology, and human expertise. If you're ready to scale your business, see how Relode can help you achieve your hiring goals.

See how Relode can help your team achieve its 2024 hiring goals now.