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Relode Named 2023 WorkTech Company to Watch

New technology is rapidly shaping the future of work across industries, encouraging organizations to quickly migrate to the emerging Work Tech category to remain competitive in the modern talent market.

Unlike the traditional tech stack of talent acquisition teams and HR leaders, this new category of cutting-edge tools rises to the challenges many face in sourcing, recruiting, and retaining high-quality talent.

WorkTech is a leading market analyst and advisory firm that provides organizations with data-driven research and insights on the future of work and the emerging technology supporting it. They consider Work Tech innovation from providers at all stages — from the earliest startups to multi-billion dollar platform leaders — and rate this tech against factors like ease of adoption, success rates, budgets, and more.

Of the thousands of platforms researched, only 20 made WorkTech’s 2023 Companies to Watch List of Tech Providers. Relode has the honor of being in this stellar roundup of innovators.

Let’s discuss the emergence of this new category and why it’s on the brink of an explosive trajectory. 

What is the New Work Tech Category?

WorkTech has seen a monumental shift in the market, similar to the transformation that upgraded HR from on-premise technologies to web and cloud-based solutions (circa 2000). Fundamental to this shift is the emergence of a new category: Work Tech.

While Work Tech does not replace foundational HR technology, it vastly improves the current workflow. It also promises agility in anticipation of the next unknown challenge to confront the workplace and hiring landscape.

This new Work Tech category has attracted unprecedented investments and adoption never before seen in foundational HR tech. And it’s projected to expand greater and faster in a more compressed timeframe than what we experienced in the last twenty years.

The Six Core Themes Defining Work Tech

The six core Work Tech themes define what it means to be an innovator, separating Work Tech providers from traditional HR tech. These new solutions shaping the future of work must:

  1. Deliver employee-first and experience-driven tech. Standard HR technology was built to satisfy the business first. Work Tech is designed with an understanding of where it fits into the overall employee experience. 
  2. Embed DEIB as a core tenet. Traditional HR largely viewed DEIB as a reporting and compliance requirement. But Work Tech strives to make an impact in organizational diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. It presents an opportunity to drive an equalizing effect because it’s embedded in the flow of work, where behavioral change is more likely to happen.
  3. Seamlessly integrate into the talent ecosystem. Traditional HR technology is more selectively integrated and partnered, limiting user options. Work Tech platforms embrace customer-focused integration with the tools, apps, and suites organizations use, trust, and need.
  4. Facilitate the flow of work to improve productivity. Work Tech is designed to meet employees where they are in the workflow and where workforce decisions are being made. It leverages existing communication and collaboration systems with embedded features, APIs, and AI-powered listening tools to unleash unbridled productivity.
  5. Enhance data fluidity. Traditional HR technology is challenged to support the data needs of the modern enterprise. Work Tech is committed to providing the fluidity of data organizations need to keep processes moving, gain deeper insights, and better predict outcomes.
  6. Provide a demonstrated ability to scale. Whether through automation, predictive intelligence, user experience, or speed and performance, Work Tech builds on core tech components to exceed expectations today and provide the opportunity to scale tomorrow.

Relode: AI-Driven Hiring, Expertly Delivered

Relode combines human expertise, automation, and a precisely tuned AI-based recruiting platform to match healthcare organizations with candidates not found on standard job boards and scraped databases. 

"Today’s challenging labor market has increased the healthcare industry’s dependency on staffing, creating a cost center spiraling out of control. Relode provides a fresh approach. By combining human expertise with an AI-based recruiting platform, companies access talent faster, with a better ROI and reduced cost." - George LaRocque, Worktech Founder & Chief Analyst.

We believe hiring shouldn’t be the nebulous, cumbersome, draining process that it is. Our goal is to make hiring better for everyone, especially in healthcare, where there’s a profound impact on people’s lives.

Relode Makes WorkTech’s 2023 Companies To Watch List 

Relode’s industry expertise and AI-powered Work Tech help organizations stay at the forefront of healthcare innovation — not get bogged down by outdated recruitment practices. We embrace and embody the six core themes of Work Tech to fearlessly address challenges organizations face in the modern labor market.Badge 2023 WorkTech Company to Watch Tech Provider

With our game-changing technology and immense network of personal relationships, we connect facilities with “Relode-certified” candidates to fill vacancies quickly and deliver high-quality talent at scale. Our seamless integration with your existing HR tech stack, easy-to-use platform, and data-driven insights ensure better ROI, reduced costs, and more effective healthcare services to communities across the US.

Navigating the evolving healthcare landscape demands a fresh approach.

Staffing agencies are no longer producing the results they once did, yet have become one of the biggest company expenses each year. Many leaders are cutting staffing spend or eliminating it completely to build an internal team instead, but the ramp time, turnover, and ability to scale create significant hurdles.

Whether you have permanent, contract, or locum hiring needs, Relode's proven process will elevate your hiring strategy to reduce costs and achieve better outcomes. Discover our efficient, scalable solutions.

A Free Resource From Relode + WorkTech

Relode partnered with George LaRocque, WorkTech Founder and Chief Analyst, to create an exclusive eBook: Turning Staffing Challenges Into A Competitive Advantage. It discusses key data points relating to current talent shortages, the shrinking workforce and widening skills gap, skyrocketing wages, healthcare’s dependency on staffing, and more. 

WorkTech eBook Cover Image-1

George then outlines the six types of talent sources every TA team should capitalize on to decrease sourcing time and spending while attracting and retaining healthcare talent. He also shares two non-negotiable tools to add to your new hiring tech stack.

After you read the eBook, access the free webinar recording to hear George expand on these talking points and highlight the best strategies healthcare teams must deploy to succeed in this competitive market. It’s less than an hour, yet full of actionable advice. You can even read our webinar summary to preview everything we dive into.

Relode is here to redefine the recruitment process with an award-winning hiring solution. We’re proud to be recognized by WorkTech and eager to solve your hiring challenges. Learn more about why the Relode process is unlike anything you’ve experienced working with a staffing agency.